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Your website is vulnerable to threats such as malware, hackers and virus. SiteLock will not only protect your website from these threats but will help you prevent it from happening again. With the SMART scanning tool running daily, SiteLock will give you peace of mind about the security of your website and business.

Sitelock Plans


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Daily scanning for 25 pages

1-Time Vulnerability Scan


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Daily scanning for 500 pages

Automatic Malware Removal


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Traffic Stats

True speed


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Web App Firewall

Block Automated Bot Attacks


  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Malware Detection
  • Automated Pen Testing
  • Source Code Testing


  • Elimiante Backdoors
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Vulnerability Remediation


  • Managed Web App Firewall
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Backdoor Mitigation
  • SQLi & XXS Prevention

Daily Scan

SiteLock will run a daily scan of your website using our SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) system. It will do an in-depth daily analysis of your website to detect and remove hidden.

BlackList Protection

Being blacklisted can ruin your business' reputation and can lead to your site being quarantined by Google. SiteLock will actively protect your website from landing on search engine blacklists with monitoring and reputation management.

Sitelock Trust Seal

Show your customer that you are a reputable company and completely trustworthy by adding a SiteLock Trust Seal to your website. This seal helps give your credibility in the web space.

Remove threats

Don't let threats to your website hang over your head. If the SMART tool find any suspicious activity on your website such as malware, they will completely remove the threat.


SiteLock's expert customer service team is available to help you eliminate active or potential threats that may appear on your website.


SiteLock provides you with the ability to easily manage your files on the security dashboard. You will receive instant notifications of any threats or issues.

SSL Certificates

Protect you and your customer’s personal information with a SSL Certificate. A SSL Certificate will create a secure connection between your customer and your site.

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